Deliberate Practice for Knowledge Workers

Ever feel like you’re moving too slowly towards your career goals?

You’ve tried to work harder, and even smarter, but to no avail. You’ve turned to self-help books, but only to become frustrated when they fail to produce the promised results.

You start thinking it’s impossible to speed things up, but it’s not…

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The 4 Types of Experts — Which Are You?

There’s a question I’ve been asked a lot lately...

How do you become an expert?

The truth is incredibly simple — The results you get reflect the effort you put into building your expertise. If you put in a poor effort, you’ll get poor results; if you put in an epic effort, you’ll get epic results…

But with that being said, the first step towards mastery is to know what kind of expert you want to become, because that will dictate where you need to invest your time and effort for maximum results.

So here are the 4 expert types you can use to kick-start your journey towards mastery.

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Brian Tracy’s 4 Steps to Expert Performance

I always enjoy reading Brian Tracy’s books.

What I really like about him and his attitude towards mastery and expert performance is that he’s NOT offering a 24-hours-to-mastery guide or other fanciful thinking.

No, he offers a square deal: He promises that you can indeed become an expert, you can indeed join the top 10% in your field — but it comes with a price tag: you will need to put in lots of serious and intense effort to get there.

In this post I will give you a very brief introduction to the steps that Brian recommends you follow to become an expert in your field — and recommend some of his books at the end, in case you want to learn more about his approach to mastery.

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