3 Ways Creative People Outsmart the Inner Critic

The inner critic is highly skilled at saying harsh comments that will make you lose confidence in your creative ideas before they get a chance to grow big.

He means well. He wants to protect you from the public embarrassment that sometimes happens when you try something new.

But creative people need to chase crazy ideas, so they have to outsmart the inner critic so he doesn’t interrupt when they are in the creative zone.

So how do they do it?

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How to Blog Like a Scientist

You want to build a successful blog, and you have some pretty wild ideas. You want to revolutionize both content creation and blog design, and you want to take audience engagement beyond commenting.

You already busy making sketches and prototypes.

But before you get trapped in a creative nirvana, there’s one question you might want to ask yourself…

Can you learn anything from scientists and their systematic approach to experimentation?

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